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this is a tribute and fanlisting to one of our favourite Yaoi series: Sex Pistols (Love Pistols)! For both the manga and the newly released OVA. Information on the OVA can be found at S-pistols.com.

So in the end we decided to make a tribute to it, to share our love with all of you.

One thing we must say before going on it's that we must thank previous owners of taking care of this great fanlisting: Myka and Lia. Thank you for passing them on us!

I think also that this is the the best work made by Tarako Kotoboki (I love all of her works anyway), and it has MPreg in it.

So please if you are offended by Male x Male parings, or just the fact that a male could get pregnant, go away, if you like it, then stay with us and look around!

Sex Pistols is still Ongoing series in Japan, and was translated by the former company, BLU. With the company out of business, Sex Pistols/Love Pistols, has been picked up by sublimemanga.com. Sex Pistols was changed to Love Pistols because of the copyrights by the British punk band Sex Pistols

Today we have 6 volumes out also translated in english, and in Japanese, chapter 42. A new chapter is released sporaticly, with fans waiting on the edge of their seats for the newest chapter .

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January, 2012 - More wallpapers have been added :3

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